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With the help of a grant from Honda of America, support from Ohioana’s Virginia Hamilton & Arnold Adoff Endowment, and the generosity of several publishers, the Ohioana Library has been able to begin to share some of the outstanding literature written by Ohioans with Ohio school children. It is our belief that children will enjoy learning and will be inspired by writers and illustrators that share a similar background with them; writers and artists who also have made their homes in Ohio.

The Ohioana Library Travels the Underground Railroad project contains tools designed to provide resources for students, teachers, and librarians to augment and enhance the standard classroom curriculum.

The goal of this educational kit is to reach out to students and teachers throughout the state of Ohio.  Educators will be able to use this kit to teach about the Underground Railroad and its significance in Ohio.  Resources, information, documents, classroom book sets, videos, lesson plans, and other materials have been included to enable teachers to select appropriate materials and ideas in order to reach children of all learning styles in all disciplines of study, including math, geography, social studies, language arts, art, and music.

View an interactive Google map of some of Ohio’s most well known Underground Railroad locations. The map displays exact locations which are known to be stops along the underground railroad in Ohio. Most locations were obtained from Wilbur H. Siebert's 1951 work, "Mysteries of the Ohio Underground Railroad". Locations with different citations are indicated and a website with further information is provided, if available.

Ohioana does have copies of all of the books included in the program, which are available to be checked out by teachers and librarians. If you are interested in borrowing the traveling kit from Ohioana, please contact Ohioana’s Program Coordinator Beth Poley via email at bpoley@ohioana.org or phone at (614) 466-3831.

Part 1: Contents in the Notebook

Part 2
By Katherine Ayres
Group reading unit

  1. Katherine Ayres biography
  2. Katherine Ayres fact sheet
  3. Book summary
  4. Geography ideas
  5. Math ideas
  6. Reading questions
    1. Student questions
    2. Student questions with answers
  7. Main characters
    1. Student papers
    2. Teacher paper
  8. Writing ideas
  9. Editing

Part 3
By Michael J. Rosen, illustrations by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson
Read aloud unit

  1. Michael Rosen biography
  2. Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson biography
  3. Book summary
  4. Discussion & topic ideas

Part 4
By Virginia Hamilton
Read aloud unit

  1. Virginia Hamilton biography
  2. List of books published
  3. Book Summary
  4. Classroom ideas
    1. Geography/Map skills
    2. Writing ideas
    3. Art Activities

Part 5
By Ann Hagedorn
Read aloud unit

  1. Ann Hagedorn biography
  2. Book summary
  3. Listing of book excerpts
  4. Discussion Questions

Part 6
By Shelley Pearsall
Read aloud unit

  1. Shelley Pearsall biography
  2. Book summary
  3. Discussion Questions
  4. Possible Projects

Part 7

  1. Benjamin Hanby biography sheet
  2. Darling Nelly Gray
    1. Background of story for lyrics
    2. Music and lyrics
  3. Other music and lyrics by Benjamin Hanby
  4. Brochure of Hanby House, in Westerville, Ohio

Part 8

  1. Fact sheet – “Ohio’s Underground Railroad to Freedom”
  2. Underground Railroad Puzzles with teacher answers
    1. Word search
    2. Puzzle tiles
    3. Cryptograms
    4. Book lists
      1. Ohio Underground Railroad book list
      2. Underground Railroad book list
    5. Maps
      1. Ohio maps
      2. US maps
      3. Ohio Underground Railroad map
    6. Web sites relating to Underground Railroad, as well as to Ohio authors and books used in this kit
    7. Questionnaires
      1. Teacher
      2. Student

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